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New Vision Line Available Now!

New and Pre-Owned Equipment for every style and fitness goal available now.

We Deliver, Install, Service & Repair Fitness Equipment

Need help installing or repairing your new or pre-owned fitness equipment? We Can Help!

All About

Fitness Equipment

We carry only the best equipment, with top brands and numerous applications in your commercial space, or to meet your home fitness needs.

Service and Maintenance

Specializing in fitness equipment repair and preventative maintenance, our team is at your service.

Fitness Space Planning

We create fitness spaces your customers and clients will love. Using only the best equipment initiatives to benefit your facility.

Gym Installation and Moving

From gym equipment delivery and installation to moving and removal, we do it all.

Pre-Owned Equipment

Rouge Rack


Sports Art Selectorized Pull Over

$750 (comes with a 90 warranty)

Sports Art Selectorized Triceps Extension

$750 (comes with a 90 warranty)

Sports Art Selectorized Pec Deck

$750 (comes with a 90 warranty)

Sports Art Selectorized Low Row

$1000 (comes with a 90 warranty)